Hockey families for a happier, healthier community.

Food Banks Albert

Calling all Minor Hockey Teams in Alberta!

The 2024 “Face-Off Against Hunger Challenge” is On!

Register your team, collect food bank items and donate to your local food bank!

Score a healthier community and earn the chance to win team practice with former Edmonton Oiler Jason Strudwick!

Jason Strudwick Hockey Camp 2020


Thank you for supporting the Face-Off Against Hunger Challenge.

Be sure to check-out the freebies, recipes and webinars before you go!

Together, we can make a difference and score a healthier, happier community.

With a shared passion for food, hockey and community, it was a natural fit for Jason Strudwick Hockey Camps and Food First to team-up with local farmers, Alberta Chicken Producers! We’re beyond excited to drop-the-puck here at Fuelling Families!

As hockey parents, we understand firsthand the importance of fuelling growing athletes with quality, well-timed foods. We also relate to how challenging it can be! 

That’s why Fuelling Families is committed to empowering hockey families with tips & tools to grow their nutrition game! We’re sharing not only what foods best fuel hockey players, but where that food comes from and when it’s needed most! We want every hockey player to stay healthy, focused and game ready! 

Beyond the rink, we’re calling on all minor hockey teams and families to join our 1st annual “Face-Off Against Hunger” Challenge in support of Alberta food banks. It’s super simple to sign-up, oh and there’s an amazing line-up of prizes!

Together, we can score a happier, healthier community for all!

– Emily

Whether counselling athletes to gain a competitive advantage, sharing recipes or creating nutrition plans, Dietitian Emily Mardell provides expert nutrition advice at all levels of play.